Wednesday, November 18, 2015

View from my seat while flying close-air formation in 2015
So much change has happened in the last few years I can't even begin to comprehend it all.

For one, it's clear to me now, more than ever, change is the absolute rule for life in the 21st Century and one must either adapt to the torrent of changes or be swept away by it.

When I first began my paranormal career in 2006, little did I know that life was I knew it would be upended and people I cared about would soon leave this world or would move away to parts unseen, or, with how terrible the economy is, would lose their jobs and move out of my life.

Holding on to what matters is what counts. With Ghost Rider Investigations, I was witness to many, and I mean MANY inexplicable phenomena and direct face-offs with the unknown and the paranormal. From my own haunted ranch to graveyards to mineshafts and haunted aircraft carriers, I saw and experienced much.

I also made plenty of mistakes. Huge ones. Missteps with people, coming face to face with my own personal failings. I had clashes with local paranormal personalities, some with incredible egos and others who felt that there was "turf" to protect, which mystified me beyond belief.

Successes occurred too with formation of a research team and then a paranormal radio show with a large media following and even an appearance on SyFy Channel's "Haunted Highways" show. Things seemed to be going Ok.

Except it wasn't. In fact, I was sick of the entire thing. Many of you know I'm a medium and I began to understand that tripping around sites bothering ghosts who ordinarily don't even want our help was something I eventually began to abhor and I wanted to change things. But first, with the death of my father in early 2012, I needed time off and lots of it.

Couple that with people issues on the teams, constant health issues with family and not enough hours in the day to get it all done and I was done. I walked away from it all and re-assessed everything.

In the end, I feel it was a necessary move and it likely saved my life a lot of grief and pointed me the right way. The Spirit World felt the same way too. Until now... The promptings are back again and I know they want me back in the game. So...

The ensuing 3 years has been enough time. I recently dusted off my britches and have spent the last few years doing things like flying combat flights against Top Gun and Red Flag pilots over the desert in Southern California and designing a new Youtube channel series for homesteading and projects for the ranch. Paranormal missions are beginning to happen again and I'm slowly getting back to field work, but only to help a family understand what they are running into or... to help somehow to correct a situation that needs it. The paranormal world is not a novelty. It's a place filled with spirits who need understanding and compassion. They are not entertainment. And I'll tick off a lot of people when I say that and it's my truth and I have to live it.

"Be the example" is the wise lesson that sages and leaders speak of when they want to make things better. And so it shall be with GRI. No more "entertainment" missions or being in a place poking at spirits because it's "something to do". Missions need purpose and to bring  healing and positive outcomes for all.

So, I've taken the drastic step of turning off the old GRI site for now. And no, I'm not getting rid of all of the content. In fact, I'm redoing the entire site and integrating all the old content to merge into a new web site and to take advantage of my hard-won education on video production, writing and a lifetime of mediumship and field research. So GRI will be back, in a new form and better than ever.

We've done one mission this year and are beginning to plan new ones for early 2016. I'll be posting news here regularly as a result of all of this and hope you to see you all along for the ride!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a year it has been! My father passed away in late February of 2012 and it has been a heck of a ride ever since. GRI has done a couple of investigations and I made an appearance on the SyFy Channel series "Haunted Highway" with my EVP capture of the little boy in the haunted Pioneer Cemetery in Coloma. But, with a mother who has had her health challenges for the past year, I've had to hang it up for awhile until now.

So we're back in the market for a new case and I'm aiming for a March 2013 return to service for GRI. We are coming back in with our regular collection of gear, which remains considerable with advanced EVP systems, infrared video capture and our collection of Ovilus 1, PX and the new "X" version. I'm rounding out the collection with EM Pods and a brand new capability that will test our ability to reach areas we normally can't get into with the introduction of a DJI Phantom quadcopter to fly a camera and EVP recorder into a difficult location and collect data and then return home. With first-person view (meaning the pilot can see television from the quadcopter while flying, we have a really amazing ability to collect data that would otherwise be out of reach.

I have noted, with some wry humor, that our quadcopter model is called a "Phantom" and we'll be out hunting real ghosts with our particular copter. We're in a learning mode with this device, but will be incorporating it into our videos over the coming year. I'm also adding a second quadcopter with hardened case and waterproof features, allowing it to land and take off from water, for more challenging flight environments.

Spirits continue to visit us since my father's passing. I've taken the time off to process Dad's death and have learned a lot from the perspective of a person who deals with dead people in my mediumship and investigation work, but never had a truly "personal" loss until this event. It had forced me to grow and consider things from a perspective I hadn't really ever had to do in the past. So the time off has been valuable and needed, but now, it truly is time to return to work and to incorporate the lessons learned and get back at it.

We want to do more physical cases, outdoors and to tie our cases to historically significant locations. The goals will be to see if we can tie real names and evidence captured to what happened in history and see if we can learn anything from the encounters that may increase understanding of past events.

This is not to say we won't do indoor investigations. We most certainly will, but I'd like to emphasize that, after experiencing the death of a loved one this year, that life is for living and in our pursuit of communication with dead folks, we also remember that WE are still alive and to enjoy the gift of our living to the fullest while pursuing the paranormal.

The radio show has been off and on for the past year. I did not have the heart to pursue it regularly and am now ready to resume my normal schedule. We will be doing mediumship and on-air EVP once again...

It is good to be back everyone... Now to go find a case to do for March!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It has been awhile!

Current News as of late February 2012

We're scoping out some cases in the Northern California area for Spring of 2012. A daytime investigation and potential night-investigation are in the works. We'll update this post when we have more concrete dates and times. This will be a four-person investigation - less is more with investigating. Experienced investigators welcome. Contact us here and we'll post more information soon...

Web Site

The old web site is being refitted and we are moving to a new portal soon.  The new site will be up by the end of March 2012.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Energy shifts ;>)

We are back in the game folks!

New case in September will test our skills to the max and we're hitting a very large facility to check for the activity that is being reported by the occupant.

Meeting is on September 10th at Mimis in Folsom at 12:00 noon to go over the core parts of the case, but we'll hold off in specifics to keep the investigation "pure". This will allow the evidence to speak for us and not the past filtering through expectations.

It feels good to have a working team again! We'll be operating in a very loose and fun fashion. The September 10th meeting is a safety meeting to go over procedures and to see who will be stepping into what role when we get to the site. We'll go over how to set up for the investigation, times and events for the evening's progression and responsibilities at breakdown of the gear and evidence analysis.

See you guys there! GRI lives!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Endings and new beginnings...

One could say the last year of illness, changes and the rotation of members has been a disaster. On the other hand, life is a series of challenges and adjustments and if one views the flow of life as a river, with water coming together, merging and then splitting off on different courses, then you can see the natural progression of a team going through it's various growth and contraction cycles.

I've changed too. As the leader of GRI, I had to step back and honor the illness that had beset me and deal with a surgery and also to recover and then face down my father's illness and slow journey towards the other side. He has not left us, but I suspect that day is not far now and I've worked to make peace with that.

Where does GRI stand in all of this? With the departure of our case manager recently, I stand essentially alone with the organization and have decided to just keep going. My plans are to join other teams and to use my considerable array of equipment to help them with their cases and rotate amongst them when I have the time. Many other paranormal teams I have contact with are undergoing similar changes and I suspect team leaders will band together to help one another as a natural reaction to the economic difficulties and also to keep the faith alive!

I'm also studying Mediumship very diligently and plan to use it frequently in my work. Being that many of these Spirits are Earthbound, it stands to reason that some can be helped with intervention and the use of both classical Mediumship to contact them and also technology to ascertain and bolster the case to identifying them and moving forward to assist them.

So look for 2011 to be a not-so-busy case structure for GRI and perhaps more a time of education, growth and adjustment to a new and sustainable way of doing things. If you are interested in talking with me, the now sole member of GRI, drop a line and we can perhaps work cases together and do some interesting research!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Medium Brenda Orr-Barnett will be our special guest tonight on SoulStream

Yours truly has come down with a nasty flu bug, so a medium friend of mine will be doing guest readings on the show this evening while I run the console and handle the show.

Medium Brenda Orr-Barnett joins us on the show tonight (3/5/11)

The show is on at 8:30PM Pacific / 11:30PM Eastern!

Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011 news and site rebuild

We are in the process of a major site update and thus are redirecting you to this location while we perform the needed updates.

GRI has, as you most likely guessed, been on hiatus for quite some time and we had a lot of maintenance to do on the site, much needed updates, a rethink of our direction and missions to plan for 2011.

The good news is that we do have two March investigations set up and we'll be back doing field work and some broadcast work of our investigations.

We've learned, with a lot of hard lessons, that doing investigations takes much more than showing up and doing a hunt. We'll be collecting less evidence on hunts and to issue reports as soon as possible so as to bring a real life-cycle to each case. This has been our most vexing issue to date.

We'll be trying some different approaches to this over the course of 2011 to find what works best. Truly, the hardest thing in this economic climate with people working harder than ever to survive, is to ask them to dedicate long hours to investigation. So real-time analysis and quick turnaround while we have them on-scene is the answer and a good starting point.

We've also got a new twist to our investigations that no-one else is doing. We'll be covering more of that here in the near future.

For now, as of February 28 - March 2, this site will stand-in for the normal GRI site as we do the needed updates and rebuilds. Feel free to pop us any questions you may have and we hope you enjoy the changes that we are making to the site.